A milonga is a dance - is a social event

Exeter Milongas [more info]
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Milonga is the tango name for a dance event. Just to confuse you a milonga is also the name for one the three kinds of dances we learn, the other two being traditional tango and vals (waltzes). Our regular monthly milongas takes place at Longdown Hall, in the village of Longdown just outside of Exeter.

Other milongas take place at our Tango Feast events where you can dance on 3 or 4 consecutive nights, and finally there is normally a milonga on the Saturday evening of a weekend workshop. Check out the Calendar to see all our events.

Because it is also a social event we set tables and chairs around the edge of the dance floor where you can sit and chat with friends, watch the dancers and see who catches your eye for a dance.

There is a kind of theme on which a milonga is run. Music is played in what are called Tandas (Spanish for batches) of three or four songs by the same orchestra. There will be tandas of Tango, Vals and Milongas, though not in that order.

Tandas are separated by a Cortina, a short piece of a song, something different the DJ chooses, as an indication for all the dancers to leave the floor, return to their chairs and start a new dance with someone else.
A few images from a Tango Feast milonga
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