• Fernando leading a workshop
    Workshop with Corina de La Rosa
    22-23 July 2023
  • Fernando and mabel
    Intensive Weekend Workshops
    with Corina de la Rosa
Intensive weekend workshop
With Corina de la Rosa
We will announce later in the year the content and the dates
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22-23 July 2023

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We are very excited that Corina De la Rosa will visit us, once again. She came twice, last time, 5 years ago, and both time were very success weekend
Do not miss the chance to learn from her. She is an amazing teacher and dancer, with deep knowledge about tango and body movement. in the last years, she only tours a couple of week per year outside Buenos Aires.

Corina will teach a progressive series of workshop, with a theme moving through the space, sharing what it is for her the essence of how she moves and dance, after over 30 yer of dancing and teaching tango.

This weekend for dancers who want to reflect and have deeper understanding of what we do, with openness and curiosity.

In some of workshops you will work on your own, and other time we will work in pairs to applied them in specific situations and moves in the dance.

Level: intermediate and above, if you only have been dancing for less than 6 month, please check with Fernando before booking

Book alone, not partner needed


Moving through the space

In this workshops, she will focus on the score of our specific language as a tango dancer, to help you find your essence and personality with natural movements. We will try to discover together the flavour of the movement more than the step skill, The temporality, the sound, the volume, and everything that returns from the hug with another.

Some of the aspect that it would cover

• From the study of mobility to form and from form to mobility
• Autonomy of the process of being .
• Study of walking as displacement
• Tango dance as an invention of movement in a couple, ourself and the encounter with another body.
• The spiral as the beginning of the free movement.
• Linear and circular displacements.

Elements and moves of the language of tango from the perspective of moving through the space and connection
• Walk
• Pivot as link between directions
• Change of directions
• Giros structures and dynamics
• Spiral movement and figures.
• Music, rhythm, and melody.
• Embrace flexibility.

Background information
These weekend workshops stared in 2016 and have been very popular and valued by those who have attended. Even if you have been to one before you will still learn new material and further develop your dancing skills.

About Corina De la Rosa,

She worked fro years with her former partner Julio Balmaceda, plenty of videos in you tube. Which together became worldwide known for their dance and teaching and brought al of idea and moves to tango.
However around 2014 the stop working together,. Since then she focus in teaching and working in Buenos Aires and only touring a couple of weeks per years (This might spark some of you memories)

She is incredible knowledgeable about the body and developed a unique way of teaching a detailed technique to achieve fluidity and harmony in the dance.

She has been teaching for years group classes, and technique classes regularly in Buenos Aires, which are famous and I would be tempting to say that most of the dancers and teachers who you see around at some point took lesson with her.

For years she is one of the teachers I train, learn when I go to Argentina, influencing the way I dance. ( Fernando)

The Programme, 6 progressive workshops (8 hrs in total) over two days.

13:30 - Hall opens arrival and admin
14:00 - 15:15 (75min) workshop 1
15:30 - 16:45 (75 min ) workshop 2
17:00 - 18:00 - (60 min) Workshop 3
Evening milonga 8pm - 12:00 Open to everyone

11:30 - 13:00 pm - (90 min) Workshop 4
Lunch break
14:00 - 15:30 - (90 min) Workshops 5
15:45 - 17:15 - (90 min) Workshop 6
Goodbye - chill out

Intensive weekend - 6 workshops - 8 Hrs tuition, + evening Milonga
Early booking price £149 before 30th of June, (after it £169)
- No Partner required, as we will work on our own most of the time or in pairs, book alone or with a friend.

Evening Milonga only: £12
- no need to book, drop in.

Longdown Village Hall, Chapel Hill, Longdown, Devon EX6 7SN

Longdown is small village outside Exeter, to the south. The Hall has great dance floor, a good sized kitchen and a large car park.

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You are welcome to bring your own and stay at the Hall while we set it up for the Milonga.
Pubs and places to eat
You can find a few option towards Exeter , or the New Inn in Alphington, also there is a Sainsbury at the entrance to Exeter of the A30
There is a Pub, Ide, the Near by Village, the Huntsman www.thehuntsmaninn.com/

The Pub in Longdown: The Lamb inn. is CLOSED

Accommodation near by
We will try to find a few places to stay, meanwhile there is a Premier Inn and other chains or check on booking.com

        Intensive Weekend 22-23 July 2023