Vida de Tango - founded in 2007
Argentinean tango is an improvisatory dance. At Vida de Tango classes they will use exercise to encourage improvisation from an early stage as well showing short sequences of steps to grasp a concept. They provide to the students tools to understand the principles that govern each movement. They create exercises that enable to them to experience something first, and then reflect on it. All this surrounded by a young, friendly learning environment!

In their classes they only with some exception use sequences, instead they provide the student tools to understand the principles that govern each movement, or exercises that enable to the student experience something first, and then reflect on it.

Fernando Guidi

He is the spine of Vida de Tango, as well as the organiser of Tango Feast.

He is a dynamic Tango teacher from Argentina. He combines young, friendly, charm with a great understanding of teaching tango. Where he brings more than 15 years of tango experience.

From very early stage in his career he adopted an attitude of developer and researcher about the dance. He extended the same attitude when he started to teach, to understand a concept and to find the best way to explain it to students. Coming up with a simple, clear a unique way of teaching.

With Tango he has travelled to Argentina, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Croatia, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Canada, USA, and all around England, Performing and Teaching.

In his 20's he performed and toured in show's El Tango Baila su Historia" y "Esa diablura el Tango" around Argentina, he also acted in many plays at the Festival de Teatro Regional de la provincia de Buenos Aires.
His television and media work include appearances in advertisement in Television Chanal 7 and in the movie “De guerreras y cautivas” in Argentina. In 2003 he worked together with Carlton TV in Devon , on the show "Dance in the South West". Fernando also working with the BBC on the programme "Strictly Dance Fever

Today he is organising and focusing on developing the Tango scene in and around Exeter. We believe that soon Exeter will become a reference of Tango Argentino in England and in Europe. Although we are still working in Europe and around England continuing with the workshop weekends we are very happy to be creating a lively Tango Argentino community nearer our home.

For workshops, classes and events, at the moment, he teaches and or performs with different partners and assistants.

Stania Diifey

She has been dancing Argentine Tango for over 10 years. She also has a background in Flamenco, contemporary dance and drama. She begun teaching in 2010 , and in at the beginning of 2011 start to teach with Fernando at Vida de Tango. She has been valuable complement to the teaching team, bring good sense of humor as well as her valuable knowledge and understanding.

Fernando and Stania

They have been working together since beginning of 2011
Together they create a balanced teaching couple providing clear teaching with humor and relax environment
They teach weekly in Exeter as well as teaching workshops and performing all over UK and Abroad