Tango Places, Teachers and Organisers

Festivals, milongas and events worldwide
- Mil milongas, a website to find places to dance worldwide - www.milmilongas.com

- Uk Tango List of events calender - Tangocentral - www.tangocentral.co.uk
- Information about Tango in UK [www.tango.org.uk]

Tango School and organizers

- Cardiff, Tango in Cardiff y Nada Mas www.tangoincardiff.com
- Cheshire, Tango Cheshire [www.tangocheshire.co.uk]
- Edinburgh, Jenny and Ricardo [www.rumbosdetango.com]
- Glasgow Tango Studio, Sari & Jeff [www.glasgowtangostudio.co.uk]
- Hereford Tango Club [www.herefordtango.co.uk]
- Penzance, Tango Wild [www.tangowild.com]
- Southampton, TangoUK [www.tangouk.co.uk]
- Southampton, Tracie's Latin Club [www.tracieslatinclub.co.uk]
- Tango Alchemy , Bristol, Bournemouth, Southampton, [www.tangoalchemy.co.uk]
- Totnes, Devon, Tango Oblivion [www.tangoindevon.co.uk]
- Totnes, Devon T-for-Tango Club [more info]
- Windsor, Thames Valley Tango [www.thamesvalleytango.co.uk]

- Tango in Dublin (http://naturaltango.blogspot.com)
- Dances event in Uk [www.areyoudacing.com]

- Nijmegen ,Tango el corte [www.elcorte.com]
- Utrech, Tango Atellier [www.tangoatelier.com]
- Utrech, Cielito , Issie Kanikani [www.cielito.co.uk]

- Lillehammer, Tango Banco [www.tangobanco.org]
- Tromso Tango Polar [www.tangopolar.info]


- Barcelona, Tangoneta [www.tangoneta.com]

Tango Pictures, Shoes, Music and Others

- Art painting by Mark Fielding [www.markfielding.co.uk]
- Art paintings by Penny Leland [www.dance-in-art.com]
- PR and Event Photography, MIRACLE, Devon [www.miraclepr.com]
- South West Swing, a great data base of dancing in the Southwest [www.southwestswing.org.uk]
- Shoes for Tango [www.heavenlydanceshoes.com]
- Tango Music resources and shop, Michael Lavocah [www.milonga.co.uk]
Note: For ladies when buying dance shoes it is recommended that they fit tightly as they'll stretch with use

- Food and Art, a great place to take a break from Tango, in San Telmo Bs As [www.yaussclub.com.ar]

- Steel Tech, Specialist in steel Work www.steeltechsw.co.uk