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Since the year 2003, Fernando has be given sessions alone or in collaboration, in Conferences, Colleges, Institutions and Organizations.

For years he is a visiting teacher to Schumacher College, Devon, UK, where he teaches at the programme of Master in Holistic Sciences in collaboration with Patricia Shaw, sessions in Complexity Science and Sociology, in a unique approach , developed by both of them, incorporating movement and other elements from Tango together with clear conceptual understanding of the subject.

Fernando, has a degree of Industrial Engineer, as well as, having over 15 year of experience leading workshops and working with people, developing a refined intuitive skills to facilitate groups.

Some of the clients,

Schumacher College (Dartington, UK)
University of Hertfordshire, Complexity Management Center (UK)
KLM Airlines (Netherlands)
Decapo Theatre Consultancts (Denmark)
Feste Arquitects (Norway)
Southbrook School (Exeter, UK)
St Peter's School (Exeter, UK)
Stoke Damarel Commuinity College (Plymouth, UK)