Tango Dj
music for dancers

Fernando is a "musicalizador",a Tango Dj, from Argentina with over 15 years of experience who play the best of traditional argentine tango music.

His music taste take the dancers in a journey, an experience full of soft, warmth and excitement.

His Djing is strongly influenced by his refined perception and understanding of the music as dancer and teacher. Combined with noticing the taste and respond of the dancers for whom he is playing for. The music is organize in tandas with the traditional structure style TTVTTM

In all this years he had played music in many Festivals and Milongas in Europe, England and Argentina

He DJ regularly at Tango Feast (festival) and the Milonga that he organises in Devon, England

Get in touch if you would like that he play music at an event.

Phone: 079 1025 6510
Devon - UK