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Social dancing after 19th of July. (Covid Update 15th July 2021)

We were looking forward again to welcome you back!

It is great, that restrictions has been lifted, and yet from now on, it is on each of us to create a safe environment, here are our thoughts for our milonga after 19th of July.
I am not sure if everyone would agree, however I hope you understand my position as an organizer regarding to offer a safer space.
Trust me when I said that myself, as well as everyone who work with Tango, wish to return to normal as soon as possible, but still we are not out of the wood.

- If you feel unwell, or have been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive (even if you are vaccinated) please stay at home, we will offer more milongas soon
- Each of us need to asses the level of risk exposure we would like take - it is our own responsibility.
- We will limit the numbers, to ensure that there is enough space, so everyone will book in advance (No partner needed)
- We will keep windows open for ventilation, even if gets a bit chilly
- Everyone is welcome and free to dance with who you wish
- Some may prefer to only dance with their own partner and keep social distance from others
- Some may prefer to dance with a few people only.
- Please respect each others' choices, and do not get offended if someone only dances with selected people.
- It might be handy to keep a kind of track with who you dance with
- Masks will be optional
- Please your hand sanitiser
- You are welcome to bring your own drinks, snacks and we will try to have water, tea, coffee available however at your own risk
- We will have info of every participant, in case we would to contact you (track and trace)

Requirement to Entry to the Milonga - NHS Covid Pass criteria

After long thought I have decided to follow the Government suggestion that indoor venue request probe of vaccination, lateral flow test etc, which for small amount of people it wouldn’t be to much trouble to sort out

Also most of Tango dancers has been keen to be vaccinated, if that is your case, then our understanding is that you only need to have the proof once, and after the info will stay on my record for future events

All participants will need to be able to demonstrate at least one of the following:
They have been double vaccinated.
They have natural immunity after having Covid19
They have had a recent negative PCR test.
They have had a recent Rapid Antigen (lateral flow) test. 48 hrs before event

Important, under non circumstances we will keep records of the proof you show us. You simple need to show it at arrival when you access the venue.

As proof, when you come to the event, you will show us either an NHS Covid Pass on your phone or a printed Pdf, or also would accept the Vaccination Card, and or lateral flow test showing negative result (please do this within 48hrs)

NHS Covid Pass
• It is Valid for 48hrs, it is a way to get proof of any the above without disclosing which one.
This can be obtained online at
At the end it give you the option download the pdf or send to your mobile device.

• If you have installed the NHS app (not the NHS covid app) on your phone and registered using you NHS number, then your immunity status will be shown on there. If you then register any covid test results via the NHS system, they too will be logged on the app.

• If you don't have both vaccines and you would use a lateral flow test, you would need to do it with 48hr before the event, add the result online. then you would get a "Covid Pass" to show us at the event
Book with a partner
Booking with partner you both must choose the same kind of Ticket, although one can choose to stay in the Hotel and the other not. To maintain a Leader/follower balance would useful book with a partner. Otherwise you would have to wait till we received a matching booking
Book without a partner
If you book without a partner you will be placed on a waiting list until we receive a matching booking.
Book extra workshops
These are great ways to develop your dance in an hour long focussed small group. You must book these with a partner.
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Having problems booking or need help - then contact us
Fernando on
Phone: 079 1025 6510

        Covid-19 (updated 15/7/21)