Registration for the Exeter Milonga
Book alone or with partner

Ticket cost £12.p.p. (For those who is too much, Please pay only £10 p.p.)

A. Your details

Leave empty If You are booking alone.

(*) For those who is too much you are welcome to pay £10 or £18 (with the class). The price is higher because we only can have limited number of people.

B. Safety guidelines - conditions Covid after 9th of April 2022

Important, under non circumstances we will keep records of the proof you show us. You simple need to show it at arrival when you access the venue.

Requirement of entry- Negative Lateral Flow Test
Show a proof of Negative Lateral flow Test. Please do the test early on the day or before leaving home.

Further Guidelines

- If you feel unwell, please stay at home, we will keep offering milongas
- Each of us need to asses the level of risk exposure we would like take - it is our own responsibility.)
- Please respect each others' choices, and do not get offended if someone only dances with selected people.
- Please your hand sanitiser
- You are welcome to bring your own drinks, snacks and we will try to have water, tea, coffee available however at your own risk.
C. Message
Join our email list, to receive information about events that we organise (Milongas, workshops, Tango Feasts)
D. Cancelations

You are welcome to cancel any time , If you or any of your party can not make it, please inform us as soon as possible.