Corina De la Rosa

She used to work with her former partner Julio Balmaceda, plenty of videos in you tube. However since about a couple of years ago they don't longer tour or teach together , this might spark some of you rmemories.
She Teach regular in Buenos Aires, either along or with her new partner.

She is incredible knowledgeable about the body and developed a unique way of teaching a detailed technique to achieve fluidity and harmony in the dance.
She started dancing at 7 years old, she had trained in wide range of dance style and movement disciplines, including gyrotonic, classic dance, and of course Arg Tango. 

She has been teaching for years technique classes weekly in Buenos Aires, which are famous and I would be tempting to say that most of the dancers and teachers who you see around at some point took her lesson. If we focus in detailed Technique and teaching it, she is "one of best", and you will not find anyone who would not value her work/teaching.  She is humble and friendly and very precise in her teaching. 

Her technique classes  has become very popular in Buenos Aires.
The classes are gender/ roll mix, drop in basis, to a wide level, and she is amazingly skilful to handle the group and stretch every student, mainly the student work alone or in pair , but does not matter the roll.  and sometimes you will spent some time with a dance partner.

My thoughts and why to organise this..

For years, every time when I go to Argentina, i take part in her group classes and some private classes. They are inspirational and it is the Teacher who is guiding me and help to refine posture, the roll of the hips , being grounded. Every time I go i feel that never there is enough time, because with only a class a week it is not enough.

However, whatever i learnt i go big extend to share with student and dancers, however i think it would be amazing opportunity for more dancers to have a chance to learn directly from her.

I have been wishing to bring her to devon, but she is not Touring much because she has a daughter, But again this year she will be back in Europe and this will be her only visit to England