Tango Feast - 4 times a year!

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The Tango Feasts have become some of the most popular tango events in the UK.

four evenings and three days immersion in your favourite passion, the tango

you can learn + dance all day + live on site + use venue leisure facilities

Between 150 - 200 dancers from all over the UK and Europe

three dance floors - international teachers and DJs

perfect balance leader/follower

TF dates for 2019

  • 14-17 March 2019
  • 14-16 June 2019
  • (TBC) 1st or 2nd weekend of October 2019
  • 5-8 December 2019

TBC, To be confirm

The first ever Tango Feast was on 10-12 October 2008, since then, 4 times a year

Different options to suit your pocket and tango wishes,
everything Advance booking

  • Learning pass (including morning workshops + the Dance Pass)
  • Dance Pass (dance all day and evening)
  • Customize it to suit your wish with optional workshops (afternoons)
  • Or just the evening Milongas

On site facilities such as swimming pool, bars, jacuzzi etc
(*all vary depending on venue and season)

Don’t take our word for it - read what our participants say

See for yourself - photos and videos