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The Prices below are for dancing/classes and they do not include Accommodation.
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How to book? click on the left side menu, either book with a partner or as single, in the same booking form you will find and area to book or not the type of accommodation you wish.

Note: we decided to simplify the options, to reduce hassle

Booking with a Partner | Booking on your own

Price List for all accommodation available

Small Group Workshops (Afternoon)
In the Afternoon we offer Small Group Workshops limited to 10 couples at the Cafe upstairs . Where you can easy sign up at your arrival

Gender balance
This, among with other considerations, is a big contribution to the quality and relax atmosphere of the event. So, like always, we will keep the balance men/women for any ticket we offer including milongas. So priority will be given to those who book in couples, otherwise you can book on your own and your name will be place in a waiting list, until we have a matching booking.

At the Small Group Workshops, you will mainly work with the partner you sign with.

To find out more info about accommodation [click on here]
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Note: We will keep the balance men/women, so priority will be given to those who book in couples.

Cancellation Policy
We regret we are unable to refund booking payments unless we find a replacement.

All Tango Feast details, schedules and lessons are subject to change at the promoter’s discretion.