Thank You! Muchas Gracias!
We take the chance to say Thank you to each of over 240 participants who came and were part of Tango Feast Christmas 2017,
Also a big Thanks to the magnificent Team, of Teachers, Dj's, Photographers and all the helpers and friends who help to set and run the event.

It truly was special, we couldn't tell exactly what made it so special, but some how it was. if you were there you know what we are talking about!

For comments, Photos, and more check the Tango Feast facebook group and scroll down to the Dec' 2017 post

Soon we will have all the information available for the TF Dec 2018 edition.
Sorry, this event is not yet available to book, but keep in touch and check out the other three Tango Feasts!

Next Year date
Tango Feast Christmas 6-9 December 2018

Tango Feast is a unique event, like in a marathon or encuentro, you are able dance un-interrupted through the whole day, and or also, you have the choice to take workshops in the next door ballroom.
  • About 150 to 200 dancers
  • Great Djs and Teachers
  • Considerate line of dance, ronda.
  • Gender balance
  • Great Holiday Park, designed for dancing with a Venue with 3 ballrooms
  • Optional accommodation on site with great leisure facilities (sauna, jacuzzi, indoor swimming pool)

About half of the participants come to dance only and the other half come to dance and take some workshops.

Beverley Park
Goodrington Road

Everybody Welcome! We offer space for dancing and or learning for all levels of experience.

Director/organizer: Fernando Guidi