Technique for leaders and followers in Exeter by Mabel y Fernando

A unique opportunity to develop your dance
A whole weekend focus on technique, posture, and small details.

Aim for dancers with a desire to rise their own level deeper their understanding of what we do.
We will develop a progressive work over 6 workshops (8 hrs of tuition) during a whole weekend.

Saturday & Sunday 12- 13 May 2018

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Book alone or with a friend, not partner need it.

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We will work on the key aspect of technique: posture , groundeness, roll of the hips, balance, communication, music, pivot, rotational moves, etc.
with the aim to develop further a grounded, graceful, dynamic, powerful and sensitive way of dancing

  • This is an opportunity to deeper the understanding of the way you move and you could move.
  • A chance, to be guide in a precise, inspirational way the use of the "hips" in movement, a concept that radically change the way I move in the last few years.
  • Communication
  • The clear use of the upper body, in the rolls of leading and following, without compromising your posture, balance and ground.
  • And further more, technique about rotational moves, pivot, giro technique, walking, leading and following.
  • You mainly work alone and occasionally we will do something in couples,

All this in an friendly-welcome environment.

Last year we a run our first Intensive Weekend Workshops focus on Technique, it was inspiring to see so many people taking part and with so much willing to learn.

My thoughts and why to organise this..
For years, every time when I go to Argentina, I take part in Corina de la Rosa technique classes and some private classes. They are inspirational and it is the Teacher who has been guiding me and help to refine posture, the roll of the hips , groundness.

What ever I learnt and develop all this years I go big extend to share with student and dancers but usually is one class here and then, however I think would be amazing opportunity for dancers to spent a whole weekend focusing in technique, refining the way we move.

The Programme

11:30 - 12:45 pm - (75 min) Workshops 1  
Lunch break 
13:45- 15:15 - (90min) Workshops 2
15:45 - 17:00 - (75 min) Workshop 3

7:30pm - 12:00  - Evening Milonga - Open to everyone

11:30 - 12:45 pm - Workshop 4
Lunch break 
13:45- 15:15 - Workshops 5
15:45 - 17:00 - Workshop 6

Goodbye - chill out


Intensive weekend - 6 workshops - 8 Hrs tuition , including evening Milonga : 
Price will be announce soon.
Early booking price £110 before 25th of April, (after it £125)
- Not Partner needed it. book alone or with a friend

Evening Milonga only: £10
- drop not need to book

Saturday and Sunday Shillingford Village Hall (Near Exeter) EX2 9QW daytime
Sat evening Longdown Village Hall (Near Exeter) EX6 7SN

Shillingford and Longdown are small villages outside Exeter, to the South, The Hall has a big Kichen and car park

Food - Drinks
We will offer a free of change selection of teas and Coffee, water and some snack-
Bring something to share for Lunch.

you can find your way to Exeter, or the Local Pub , the New inn in Alphington , also there is Sainsburys in the entrance to Exeter

The Pub in longdown
The Lamb inn. (5min walk but also has car park)
We suggest to Book in advance
Tel: 01392 811100
Located on main Road, EX6 7SR
Sat Lunch 12-2pm , Sat dinner : 6pm-9pm
Sun Lunch 12-2pm - Sun Dinner: closed

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