Tango Feast Summer 16-18 June 2017
(the 3rd weekend in June)

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Hurry up, already there are 130 bookings confirmed !! do not miss it. (updated on 14-3-17)

Due to unforeseen circumstances Carlitos y Noelia, sadly, won't be able to come and take part at Tango Feast, in Devon.
Despite how fast things have been changing over the past few days, we have been really lucky that Marcelo y Selva are able to come as a replacement.

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Tango Feast Summer, will be at Victoria Hotel, a 3 start hotel, with 3 great ballroom, where all the milongas and workshops will take place.
Soon wee will update the website and announce the opening booking date and time

Tango Feast is a unique event, everything takes happen in one place, like in a marathon or encuentro, you are able dance from morning till late in the evening, and or also, you have the choice to take workshops in the next door ballroom.
  • About 150 to 200 dancers, however, we are able to take more dancers.
  • Great Djs and Teachers
  • Considerate line of dance, ronda.
  • Perfect gender balance
  • Great Hotel, designed for dancing with 3 ballrooms and great leisure facilities.
  • Friendly and relax atmosphere, a great Party!!

TLH Leisure Resort - Victoria Hotel
Belgrave Road