Tango Feast Autumn 13-16 October 2017

Exceptionally in 2017 we will run Tango Feast in October from the Friday 13th until Monday 16th at midnight.
This is due to the venue availability, It happen the same in 2014 and despite the change of dates of the week , most of participants came for the 4 days that the event lasted and some only made it for the weekend

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Tango Feast is a unique event, like in a marathon or encuentro, you are able dance un-interrupted through the whole day, and or also, you have the choice to take workshops in the next door ballroom.

  • About 150 to 200 dancers
  • Great Djs and Teachers
  • Considerate line of dance, ronda.
  • Gender balance
  • Great Holiday Park, designed for dancing with a Venue with 2 ballrooms
  • Optional accommodation on site with great leisure facilities (sauna, jacuzzi, indoor swimming pool)

About half of the participants come to dance only (miloguero Pass) and the other half come to dance and take some workshops.

a great location, love by many, with great Dancing and Leisure facilities
...the space, the atmosphere, the music influences us, so our dance

Beverly Park
Goodrington Road

Everybody Welcome! We offer space for dancing and or learning for a wide range of level, from people with a few month dancing to advanced Dancers.
Sadly we do not offer classes for absolute beginners

add your name to "The Event on FB" and or to the "Tango Feast Group"